April 28, 2016


Head Start is a comprehensive child development program that serves income eligible, preschool children and their families.

Head Start provides families with educational services for their children and also addresses important issues such as nutrition, medical & dental services, mental health, social and emotional development and promotes parent involvement.

Children learn the skills they need to be successful in school. They are exposed to new experiences like Field trips, Family Enrichment Days and Family Fun Events.

Each Preschool classroom has 15-20 children, a Teacher, Teaching Assistant and Classroom Aide. There is also  Family Service Staff for each center. All of them are experienced in providing services to children having cultural diversities, special needs, and disabilities.  This allows your family to have a successful and enjoyable experience while your child attends Head Start.

Our three centers offering Head Start are located in Marshfield, Wisconsin Rapids, and Biron.

Biron Center & Wis. Rapids Center

8:15am — 3:15pm

Biron Center

4K ~ 8:15am — 3:15pm (all day program)

Marshfield Center

7:30am – 2:40pm

Classes run Tuesday through Friday.

We provide limited transportation, a nutritious meal and snack, and a curriculum designed to help your child learn at his/her own individual pace.

Head Start services run similar to that of the area public schools, beginning in early September and ending in mid-May.

Click here to watch a video about Wood County Head Start preschool program