May 3, 2016

Board of Directors

Organizations that accept federal funds to operate a Head Start program must have strong governance systems in place to safeguard federal dollars and provide oversight and direction to the Head Start program. To that end Wood County Head Start Inc. has in place a Board of Directors with the legal and fiscal responsibility for the operation of the Head Start program. The Board of Directors is composed of representatives from organizations in the community, individuals interested in being involved in the community, and individuals with the background and expertise required by the Head Start Act.


Carrie Jarosinski  (Chair)
Service & Health Instructor
Mid-State Technical College

Tom Reichert 
Community Member



Kathi Stebbins-Hintz
Director of Instruction
Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools

April Hartjes (Vice Chair)
Education Instructor
Mid-State Technical College

Theresa Selenske

Erica Sherman
Public Health RN
Wood County Health Department

Randy Neve

Marshfield Clinic